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Timeseries in D-Waves

Samuel McWilliams, modified 2 Years ago.

Timeseries in D-Waves

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I am attempting to generate a timeseries of wave parameters (hs, tp, dir, spread) along a boundary and am getting the following error in the print file:

BOUN SEGM XY 389597.000 7920019.500 576851.312 7888865.000 &
VAR PAR 0.00 -999.00 -999.00 -999.00 -999.00 &
** Error : Power of cosine is less or equal to zero
10880.58 -999.00 -999.00 -999.00 -999.00 &
** Error : Power of cosine is less or equal to zero

The .bcw file containing the data at each point along the boundary appears to have a format inconsistent with the header which could be causing the incorrect read into the swan/input files.

I've attached a zipped folder with the relevant input files. I've limited it to one timeseries input for this demo of the potential issue and all values along the boundary are the same for simplicity.

I am using delta shell version-

Sidenote: i really like the functionality added by the new interface and am enjoying implementing DFlow-FM as well.

Thanks for any help.