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Unable to run pre-compiled cli version on Linux cluster

Michelle Hummel, modified 2 Years ago.

Unable to run pre-compiled cli version on Linux cluster

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I am attempting to install a pre-compiled cli version (delft3d-fm-cli-1.0.3-lnx64.tar.gz) that I obtained from Deltares on a Linux cluster. I have run into the following error:

All of the shared libraries required to run the software can be found except the library, even after setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH variables as suggested in the Installation Manual. Please see attached for the ldd command line output. I am using gcc version 6.3.0 and openmpi version 2.0.2, which only contains,,, and

I assume this problem arises from using a different version of openmpi than was used to compile the program, but I'm not sure how to fix this without compiling from scratch using the source code.

I appreciate any help.