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NetCDF error code -40: Index exceeds dimension bound.

Vinicius Santos Pessanha, modified 1 Year ago.

NetCDF error code -40: Index exceeds dimension bound.

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Hello everyone!
I am a beginner and am trying to run my first model using Delft3D FM HMWQ ( It is a Wave-Flow-Mor model. After performing the configuration, I tried to run the model and found the following:


ERROR DelftTools.Shell.Core.Workflow.ActivityRunner.RunActivity - Finishing of Integrated Model has failed.
2019-02-03 16: 08: 05,169 [5] ERROR DelftTools.Shell.Core.Workflow.ModelBase.ChangeState - NetCDF error code -40: Index exceeds dimension bound. Consider cloning the file into NetCDF 4 format to enable data extdending

Has anyone ever had an error like this? Anyone have any clues on how to solve it?


Vinicius Pessanha