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Gate Parameters

caleb clement, modified 9 Months ago.

Gate Parameters

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I am unsure of the meaning of the parameters requiring definition for a gate structure.  I have read the user's manual, but it does not offer an explanation for each parameter.  The following inputs are required to define a gate structure: sill level, door height, horizontal opening direction, lower edge level, opening width, sill width.


I'd like to define an opening with a bottom elevation of -35 ft and a top elevation of -1 ft, as shown in the drawing.  I have currently defined the gate as shown in the screenshot of the GUI.  I have run the model and verified flow rate across the gate.  However, the velocity through the gate as illustrated on the output map appears lower than the value I calculated.


Can someone tell me if I have correctly defined the gate?  Also, is there a way to verify that the gate was defined correctly using the model output?


Many thanks,