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RE: Display netcdf files in ArcGIS

Seyed Abbas Jazaeri, modified 1 Year ago.

Display netcdf files in ArcGIS

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I am working with Flexible Mesh model for a while. Now, I want to see my outputs e.g., the map file, in the ArcGIS suite, but when I open the NetCDF file in ArcMap, it shows me a single line. I know how to open structured NetCDF files in ArcMap, but I have problem with unstructured mesh. I am using "Make NetCDF raster layer" tool from "Multi dimension tools" toolbox. When I open the file, it asks me to choose the dimensions of the specified variable. In structured files, we can select longitude and latitude as x and y dimensions, but in unstructured files, I do not know what should I do. It would be highly appreciated if anyone can help me in this regard.

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Dmitry Kushnir, modified 11 Months ago.

RE: Display netcdf files in ArcGIS

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Hi Seyed,
In case you haven't solved this problem yet. The NetCDF file can be opened in QUICKPLOT and the desirable output being exported to ArcGIS after that. See picture attached.