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D-Flow FM model crashes with evaporation and precipitation on

Dmitry Kushnir, modified 7 Months ago.

D-Flow FM model crashes with evaporation and precipitation on

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Hi all,
I'm investigating physical processes  (temperature and salinity ) in a coastal lagoon, using 10 sigma-layers in vertical direction.
When I try to add a cross-section to the model, it crashes with no warning message.
When switching temperature and salinity off, the model seems to be run smoothly with cross-sections.
Nb: The screen shots messages inform that the Deltares integrated model runner stopped working and that it doesn't work (it happens all the time I try to start a model with cross-sections).
Update. The crash was caused by a line in the *.mdu-file "Wrimap_evaporation = 1", not by a cross-section addition. When this parameter is set to 0, the model runs fine. The behaviour is observed even in the last tagged version of the D-Flow FM source code (66357).

Kind regards,