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Writing groundwater_out variable to the output * file

Veethahavya Kootanoor Sheshadrivasan, modified 4 Months ago.

Writing groundwater_out variable to the output * file

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With the new Delft FM, one can simulate groundwater infiltration process, which is great. But the amount of water lost to groundwater is not written onto the * file. I also notices that the Qin term written into the output file already has the groundwater_out term subtracted from it. So it is also not possible to calculate the groundwater_out term. I have checked the output specifications that can be specified in the MDU file to write terms into the map file and the groundwater_out term is lacking there. One can see only spatially averaged values in the * file.
I would highly appreciate if anyone has a workaround for this problem.
Thanks in advance and warm regards,

*water_balance.png - spatially averaged Qin (precipitation - gw_out) [from * file]
*gw_out.png - spatially averaged gw_out values [from * file] - I am looking for these values for each node
*all_map_nc_vars.png - currently available variables in *
*all_wrimap_args.png - all available wrimap arguments as found in the *dia file. I have checked turning on all arguments but no positive results.