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Acceptable value for obtusive triangles

Julius Schlumberger, modified 1 Month ago.

Acceptable value for obtusive triangles

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Dear all,
in the manual it is mentioned that obtusive trianlges are bad for the computation. However, neither a threshold value or recommended way to deal with existing obtusive elements is mentioned.
I have a grid (2.3 mio elements), which meets the recommended grid properties for orthogonality ( < 0.05), smoothness ( < 20), and circumcenter distance (merged elements using the default minimum circumcenter threshold of 0.1). When selecting the 'obtusive triangles' property in View in RGFGRID, it shows me around 200 grid cells with have a obtusiveness of <= 2.
I am now wondering, whether this is a problem, if so, how I could solve it the best way (in case another way than manually adjustment exists) and what threshold I should strive for.
Are there any suggestions or comments?
Thanks in advance,
all the best,