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Souce Code for Flexible Mesh

Md Bin, modified 7 Years ago.

Souce Code for Flexible Mesh

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Recently Deft3d releases new version including some comfiled file. In this version in RGFgrid Flexible Mesh included. But I want to know for flexible Mesh is there any other source code needed ?
In this version they give following file

Installation Delft3D suite for open source (install_ohmw_4.01.00.rc.07.pdf);
Installation program DS_Flex.exe for licensing the Delft3D Graphical User Interfaces (free of charge);
Delft3D setup:;
Redistributables, containing:
vcredist_x86 (2010).exe (needed to run)

When I complete set up there show FM. But I am not sure this is the full version of FM . Is it possible to run full model in this version?
Arthur van Dam, modified 7 Years ago.

RE: Souce Code for Flexible Mesh

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Thank you for your interest in Delft3D-Flow FM. The new compiled version of RGFGRID indeed includes support for D-Flow FM unstructured grids.
However, the actual hydrodynamical solver D-Flow FM itself is not included yet, not as a binary, nor as source code. So this won't enable you yet to run FM models.

A lot of research and development is currently still being put into D-Flow FM, in particular 3D hydrodynamics, sediment transport and morphology, therefore it is not available to the public yet.
We do have definite plans for an open source release, specific details will be announced later this year. Please keep an eye on our open source website and mailing lists.