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Jets/problems on open boundary of 3D sigma model

Cody Johnson, modified 2 Months ago.

Jets/problems on open boundary of 3D sigma model

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Hi All,
We are setting up a 3D sigma model with salt to look at circulation in the northern Gulf of Mexico, USA. The hydrodynamics appear smooth and reasonable for the 2D and 3D model, until meteorological forcing is included. Once the winds/pressure are applied, velocities on the open boundary become elevated and generate jets without ultimately blowing up the run. We have tried most of the numerical filters and other options without success. Has anyone seen this problem before or have experience stabilizing this type of model?

See the depth-averaged currents, top layer salinity, and a summary of the model: pw: 84q2ddjd pw: uz9r4a5b pw: tjnc3yrp

model set up:
  • 10 sigma layers
  • cold start with 35 ppt initial salt distribution
  • constant, uniform 35 ppt salt condition on offshore open boundary
  • tidal water level on open boundary
  • 15+ fresh water inputs on coast line
  • spatially, temporally varying winds/pressures from NOAA North American Regional Reanalysis products
  • 36 MPI subdomains

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