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Delft3D-FLOW Maximum Map Results

Jeff Oskamp, modified 5 Years ago.

Delft3D-FLOW Maximum Map Results

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I'm running a tsunami model with Delft3D-FLOW, and I'm interested in producing a plot of the maximum water level at everyone point in the model domain. It would be possible to do something like this using the map file results, and computing the maximum of all the time periods. However, that creates very large file sizes (as you have to output at very small time intervals to make a good figure).

Does anyone know if there is a way to have Delft3D keep track of the maximum level at each cell throughout the simulation (for all timesteps, not just times that correspond with requested map output)?
James Knighton, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Delft3D-FLOW Maximum Map Results

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Hey Jeff,

You can do this pretty easily with Matlab. If you have written the map file at a fine enough time step, just read them all in and calculate the maximum for each position within the matrix. Save those results to a new matrix and plot with pcolor or contourf.

- James Knighton