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Starting simulations on the command line

Karl Kästner, modified 4 Years ago.

Starting simulations on the command line


I want to run a model on the cli in Linux that was set up in the gui in windows. I exported the configuration into a mdu-file and wrapped it in the xml file below.

If I try to start the model run with
d_hydro.exe kapuas_config_flow2d3d.xml
, d_hydro complains that no master definition file has been specified:
D_Hydro [1464525219.796876] <anonymous> >> Cannot start Flow2D3D: Neither MDF file nor DD bounds file specified

Apparently the mdu-file has to be converted into an mdf file. How can this be done?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>                                    
<deltaresHydro xmlns=""                
    <flow2D3D name="myNameFlow">                                                
Michal Kleczek, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Starting simulations on the command line

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Dear Karl,

I would like to know if you perhaps not mixing Delft3D Flexible Mesh configuration with Delft3D configuration.
We do not support coupling old Delft3D with the new Delft3DFM. It is possible to convert old model, created for Delft3D into the model that is suitable for Delft3D FM. There is a script in the OpenEarth Tools package that allows that, however, some additional network tuning is likely required (e.g. assuring that network is orthogonal).
Overal could you elaborate a bit more which version of the DflowFM CLI you have?

If you are our client please contact our support desk. If you would like to become part of the beta-research program I refer you to this issue: How to participate in DflowFM development

Kind regards,
Karl Kästner, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Starting simulations on the command line

Hello Michal,

thanks for the reply.

The GUI version is the latest binary release Delft3d-fm (1.0.3). In Linux, I use the svn tag 5393, manually compiled with gnu.

The model is a scratch unstructured mesh setup for FM, there is no existing Delft3d-SG structured grid model.

I've set up the model in the GUI and it runs in Windows. I've copied the files to my Linux machine and want to run the simulation there. The reason is, that I would like to do as many steps of my work flow in Linux, to avoid working on two machines in parallel.

I would like to become beta tester. My group at Wageningen UR has an educational licence and has been involved in beta testing in 2013, but this project was phased out long ago and I believed the beta phase to be over since the official release last year.

Kind regards,