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simulation blows up when i turn on waves

Liv Herdman, modified 4 Years ago.

simulation blows up when i turn on waves

Youngling Posts: 9 Join Date: 6/15/15 Recent Posts
I am trying to run a coupled waves and flow model.

The waves model runs on its own without any problems. The dflowfm runs on its own with out any problems with waves turned off (ie wave option 0).
When I set the waves option to 3 (swan) it blows up within 3 seconds (coupled or not). By "blow up" I mean it has water levels of 10^12 at a few cells near the boundary of my simulation.

I don't understand what it is actually running when I run it uncoupled with option 3. I get the same result when I provide a simulation of waves to run in parallel. I get the same result wether I start the wave simulation right away or not. The instability is clearly in the dflowfm regardless of what the wave inupt actually is. Of course, the coupled run produces errors whenever I run it without the swan option turned on in the .mdu since that is the only option that outputs a com file.

Also turning on Euler velocity, as suggested in the manual, gives a memory error.


Michal Kleczek, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: simulation blows up when i turn on waves

Padawan Posts: 53 Join Date: 10/23/14 Recent Posts
Dear Liv,

Sorry to hear about your problems. Generally to run waves you need to run an integrated model.
If I take into account your other issues and reported by you problems, I assume you are running in the batch mode. If you want to run a wave model, an integrated model you will need to use DIMR (old name dhydro-cli), which is a wrapper still under development to allows running integrated models in a batch mode. Perhaps you received earlier an older version, which still should be able to correctly run integrated models. In the User Manual there is a specification and example how to prepare a configuration xml file for an integrated model

DflowFM allows an offline coupling when not executed via DIMR (option 3) if there is already *.com file created previously. Unfortunately, here lies the problem because you are not able to create properly wave files running in a batch mode without using DIMIR (or dhydro-cli).
Please excuse me if I wrongly assumed that you are trying to execute the wave modelling directly from DflowFM.

Could you please upload your model (and related files) to the FTP server so I can take a look locally and help you in the most efficient way? I can also take a look at that instability you mentioned.

Kind regards,