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Error running on linux

Jonathan Rapaport, modified 6 Months ago.

Error running on linux

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I've been using Delft3d FM to model the Columbia River and Estuary and I recently added a set of weirs to the model. the model still runs fine on my windows computer (though a bit slowly), but it doesn't run on the linux server I've been using, and it gives me this error:


Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.


Backtrace for this error:

#0  0x7FEC77BF2E08

#1  0x7FEC77BF1F90

#2  0x7FEC76A5D4AF

#3  0x7FEC77CCA63F

#4  0x7FEC77CC3804

#5  0x5B53B9 in setfixedweirs_ at unstruc.F90:30188

#6  0x5CEB74 in flow_flowinit_ at unstruc.F90:9678

#7  0x5FA7B9 in flow_modelinit_ at unstruc.F90:6479

#8  0x405CB2 in MAIN__ at net_main.F90:253

./ line 1: 32414 Segmentation fault      dflowfm --autostartstop /disk/trump/scratch/jon/MCRFMclats28/clats.mdu

Any ideas on why this might be happening or what I can do to fix it?


Jonathan Rapaport