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Delft3dFM + D-RTC error

Yafei Zhu, modified 5 Months ago.

Delft3dFM + D-RTC error

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Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to set up an integrated delft3dFM+ RTC model. I would like to use dead band trigger for pump control. However, the current GUI does not seem to support this feature. So I modified the rtcToolsConfig.xml and add the following:

            <deadBand id="test">
            <x1Series ref="EXPLICIT">input_ObservationPoint01_water_level</x1Series>
            <x1Series ref="EXPLICIT">input_ObservationPoint01_water_level</x1Series>

xmlspy did not complain but when I run the model it gave me the following error:

  <line description="rtcToolsRuntime::rtcToolsRuntime(...) - error - trigger* schematisation::getTrigger(TriggerComplexType triggerType) - error - trigger is not implemented" level="1"/>

Can anyone please let me know what may have caused above error? Many Thanks. 



delft3d fm d-rtc dead band trigger