Welcome to the Webinar section of Delft3D FM. Webinars are online presentations, held by either Deltares or external experts, focussed on specific topics in the field of hydrodynamics, waves, sediment transport, water quality, river & coastal morphology.

The webinars can be attended for free by anyone interested on a Windows PC or laptop, Mac OS and even on your Android or Iphone. Subscription is required, please click on the 'SUBSCRIBE NOW' link below the webinar announcement to subscribe for the next webinar. Subsequently you will be informed on how to join the Webinar.

Did you miss one of the Webinars or would you like to re-watch one of them? Please have a look at the bottom of this web page, presenting you an overview of all webinars related to Delft3D FM. 






Webinar screencasts and presentation slides







Presentation slides

Ocean modelling and Early-Warning System for the Gulf of Thailand

Date: 13 April 2017

Presenters: Joao Rego (Deltares), Kun Yan (Deltares) and Erik de Goede (Deltares)

The questions that were asked during the webinar and its answers are available here.









Presentation slides

Morphological model of the River Rhine branches in the Netherlands: from the concept to the operational model

Date: 12 October 2016

Presenters: Mohamed F.M. Yossef (Deltares) and Erik de Goede (Deltares)









Presentation slides

Hydrodynamic modeling on the Northwest European Shelf and North Sea: new opportunities with Delft3D Flexible Mesh

Date: 20 June 2016

Presenters: Firmijn Zijl (Deltares) and Erik de Goede (Deltares)

The animations that were shown in the webinar are available here (Water Level and Surge), and here (Surface Salinity and Temperature).

The questions that were asked during the webinar and its answers are available here.








Presentation slides

D-Flow Flexible Mesh: Introduction to the new hydrodynamic simulation engine

Date: 09 October 2013

Presenter: Arthur van Dam (Deltares)