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First steps into the groundwater flow program with backward erosion module

Deltares has started building a new groundwater flow program in close cooperation with HWBP and RWS-WVL. This groundwater flow program will be integrated in the Embankment Suite together with our current D-Stability and our prototype D-Settlement software.

This program will combine the trusted Embankment Suite interface with the Kratos multiphysics finite element capabilities.  It will become the successor of the D-Geo Flow prototype.

Currently, we have implemented basic groundwater flow and are investigating the most efficient way of implementing the pipe elements. Later this year, we will be connecting this to the user interface. Come to our User Meeting (see News > Events tab) if you want to stay informed about these developments.

The user interface will be designed and build in close corporation with the end-users. Interested in guiding us in the right direction? Our User Experience experts are currently investigating details of the overall design of the Embankment Suite. You can help them by filling out the following poll on our forum.