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Prototype D-Settlement

We are proud to show you the prototype of our new generation settlement software, in the same style as D-Stability. We are still working on this proof of concept to show it is possible to predict settlements in a robust, precise, and quick manner using the trusted open source Kratos Multiphysics finite element package.  

The prototype is by no means ready to use in commercial advice practice. It is a proof of concept to show that the chosen path for predicting settlements with finite elements is the right one. It is the basis to build our final settlement product. These further developments will happen through the Embankment Suite. 

Users subscribed to this website can soon download the prototype. 

Interested in guiding us in the right direction? Please, share your feedback regarding this prototype on our forum. 

What to expect from the prototype❓

Calculate vertical settlement of soil where: 

  • In the initial stage multiple soil layers can be considered; 

  • Per stage, a change in (mechanic) loading conditions induces consolidation of the initial stage; 

  • The Isotache (NEN-Bjerrum engineering- & abc-Isotache natural strains) and Darcy formulations are applied;  

  • The OCR is fixed (per layer) to a value of 1.15 and the boundaries are considered drained (top and bottom); 

  • Only 1 vertical is considered, so stresses do not spread in the horizontal direction, nor horizontal deformations are calculated; 

  • Results of the vertical settlement and stresses are shown as a function of depth and time.