Download HABITAT

Download HABITAT

HABITAT is an easy to use Graphical User Interface and facilitates large, high resolution spatial environmental impact modeling. 

HABITAT installer

A complete installation of HABITAT consists of: 

  • The HABITAT Graphical User Interface;
  • DeltaShell Python scripting
  • TUTORIAL files for HABITAT.


HABITAT is free-to-use software:

Request for the HABITAT installer


The Deltares-executables of HABITAT is available free of charge!
To obtain the Deltares-executables of HABITAT and a tutorial please visit the download page here :
To download HABITAT and its tutorial from the download page you will need a MyDeltares login. You can request this login on the download page.



By going to this download page and downloading you are requesting for the use of the Deltares-software executables of HABITAT. HABITAT is Deltares-software. You may use the Deltares-software executables of HABITAT without any remuneration to be paid to Deltares if you accept the HABITAT Software License Agreement (HABITAT License) which is offered to you as a PDF-file. Please go to the PDF-file of the HABITAT License, read it and decide whether you want or do not want to accept the HABITAT License. Without your acceptance of the HABITAT License the use of the Deltares-executables of the HABITAT-software is prohibited and illegal.

The HABITAT software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE OR (IMPLIED) WARRANTY. Any use of the Deltares-executables of the HABITAT-software is for your own risk. See the HABITAT License for more details. 

For more info, please contact: Stichting Deltares, P.O. Box 177, 2600 MH Delft, The Netherlands. Email: 

For questions regarding HABITAT and its applicability reach out to

The Deltares-executables of HABITAT are made available free of charge and does not include support, however, Deltares offers high level contracted support.