Get started

Get started

Welcome to the HABITAT website and the HABITAT community. 

For more general information, start with the About HABITAT page and for details on the model and scientific publications at the HABITAT model page. To try the HABITAT software for yourself go to the request download HABITAT and follow the tutorials. Examples of showcases can be found here and knowledge rules used for HABITAT modelling can be found here (wiki) and here (coding/xml). There are also instruction video's provided on most of the functionalities.

Advanced users might want to dive into or contribute to new developments. Some of these can be requested in their beta stage. 

When any questions arrise you might want to ask them in the forum or take up contact through support.


To Register

Registration on MyDeltares is required for posting on the Discussion Forum. Click here to register and you will be redirected to the Deltares OSS registration page. After registration it will take a couple of minutes before you can login. A MyDeltares account doesn't yet support downloading of HABITAT.

If you need further information, please contact use via