Instruction videos

Instruction videos

Quick Guide on HABITAT Classic

This Quick Guide gives a tour along HABITAT main features, the analysis of map layers in combination with knowledge rules to perform a environmental impact assessment.


HABITAT Classic - Macrophytes model - video 1 - Making a scenario

HABITAT Classic - Macrophytes model - video 2 - Calculating suitability

HABITAT Classic - Macrophytes model - video 3 - Visualize results


DELWAQ to Raster Tool

Short description on how the tool Delwaq to Raster works and how it can be used for including Delft3D 4 output in your HABITAT model.


Scripting in Habitat

Short description on how scripting in HABITAT works and how you can use it for setting up your HABITAT model.



Scenario's with KnowledgeRules

Short description on how you can import KnowledgeRules XML files from the GitHub in your HABITAT model for replicating models and performing scenario analysis. Read more about this at KnowledgeRules GitHub.