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International iMOD User Day 24 November 2022

24 Nov 2022 10:00-17:30 Delft, Boussinesqweg 1 - Colloquium

International iMOD User Day

The iMOD community met on November 24 for the International iMOD User Day. 
For the first time after Covid it was a live event. 





Check the presentations on DSD-INT 2022 | Slides - iMOD User Day Welcome and programme. First login via MyDeltares and search for "iMOD".

Download presentations

Program and introduction  >  By Timo Kroon Deltares

What is new iMOD5 and iMOD Suite  >  By Tess Davids Deltares

iMOD Suite Ground Water case Teaser  >  By Frans Roelofsen Deltares

iMOD Python updates and Deltaforge  >  By Joeri van Engelen Deltares

Parallel iMOD WQ  >  By Gijs Janssen Deltares

iPest example with iMOD5  >  By Peter Vermeulen Deltares

iMOD Python-toolbox unstructured  >  By Huite Bootsma Deltares

accelerating MODFLOW 6 calculations  >  By Hendrik Kok Deltares

Flexible Drainage option in MetaSWAP  >  By Hugo van Hintum Sweco

new surfwater module iMOD - Ribasim  >  By Martijn Visser Deltares

new QGIS plugin for analytic elements  >  By Huite Bootsma Deltares

Roadmap discussion  >  By Tess Davids Deltares

introduction iMOD Suite Tutorial  >  By Joeri van Engelen & Frans Roelofsen Deltares

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International iMOD User Day 24 November 2022

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