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Tailor made iMOD training for French community in Senegal

Formation sur mesure à la modélisation des eaux de surface et souterraines

(Tailor-made training in surface and groundwater modeling)

Date: 29 November – 09 December 2021
Location: Saly, Senegal


As part of its PGIRE project, the OMVS has planned to build the capacities of those responsible for water management in the four member countries and in particular in the Senegal River basin in the assessment, monitoring and forecasting of water management, dynamics and quality of surface and groundwater in the Senegal River. One element of this capacity building is the training in surface and groundwater modeling including the hydrodynamic Delft3D Suite, the hydrologic Wflow software, and iMOD for groundwater modelling.

A total of 22 participants joined the training that was lead by a team of 3 trainers from Deltares (Anke Becker, Laurène Bouaziz and Hélène Boisgontier).  


Parties involved: OMVS (Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du fleuve Sénégal) and Deltares