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Release iMOD5.3!

This version includes added and improved functionalities for iMOD, iMODFLOW, MetaSWAP, MODFLOW 6 and iMOD coupler. Further information on the new release can be found in the attachment. Additional information about the changes in MetaSWAP can be found here.

To obtain a copy of the Deltares-executables of iMOD 5.3, visit the iMOD5 download page first or go to the online request form right away. Fill in the request form and you will receive an email with download- and installation instructions.

For more info on the iMOD software, please contact: Stichting Deltares, P.O. Box 85467, 3508 AL Utrecht, The Netherlands. Email: For more info on application of the software within NHI please contact: