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Pumping tool - calculating well recharge area

Alexander Jongerius, modified 3 Years ago.

Pumping tool - calculating well recharge area

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Dear iMOD users,

I’m trying to calculate the recharge area of a instationair well by using the Pumping tool. Unfortunately I´m facing some problems. I would be thankful if someone is able to help me with this.

First of all a general question: is the Pumping tool the best way to calculate the recharge area of a well? Or is there another function in iMOD which I can better use.

When I run the Pumping tool iMOD the following error appears: iMOD cannot open file scn_drn.run, (same error for: scn_isg.run, scn_olf.run, scn_rch.run and scn_riv.run). I solved this problem by manually creating these files (all containing just 0,(xxx) because there’s no difference between the steady state run and the well fase). Then the next error occurs: (ISG): present but not found! I solved this by manually adding the pathnames of my .ISG files to the IMODFLOW.run for all time steps and then run the model outside the iMOD GUI. It would be helpful for me to know why iMOD does not do this automatically.

Finally my main problem is that iMOD does not create the well drawdowns and flow lines (I do select these as an output result in the pumping tool). Is anyone familiair with this problem?