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Tutorial 5 (again)

Bram Wennekes, modified 8 Months ago.

Tutorial 5 (again)

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Hi Peter,

Previous problems are solved, but new ones appear... Yesterday everything went fine in tutorial 5, but now if I compute my cross section in 3D something goes wrong with the different layers.
I adjusted the nodes (and it does appaer in de cross-section tool, see attached picture). However, if I look in the 3D tool, my aquitard seems to be off on the left side. Yesterday I tried this as well, and I had no problems with this. I tried copying my \SOLIDS folder from yesterday in order to have not mistaken with drawing the cross sections, but also this gives a wrong representation (see third attachment) Do you have any idea, or do you need some files in order to find a solution?
Thanks in advance!


P.S.: another remarkable feature is that iMOD sometimes randomly shuts down. For instance when I was drawing a cross section. Is this just normal every now and then?