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Interactive Pathline Simulation Tool

Franziska Gebhard, modified 2 Years ago.

Interactive Pathline Simulation Tool

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I have 32 wells in one transient model. The model run. I would see the influence from the wells of the particel flowlines in the interactive Pathline Simulation Tool. But when I add a sink to the interface then it dont show the sinks of the wells. It come a information that iMod can not places partikels for the current configuration. What do I wrong? 

Two wells have a extration rate of -240 m3/d
30 wells have a eytration rate of 240m3/d (infiltration well)


Best regards


Frans Roelofsen, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Interactive Pathline Simulation Tool

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Hi Franzi, 


iMOD gives the message "iMOD cannot place particles for current configuration" in case no cells/locations can be found in the model that meet the given constraints.

Your challenge is to start points from your wells. In that case I suggest you test several options of the given constraints; have a look at the attachment. Perhaps your wells are not Strong sinks, or you need to decrease the given well flux (-100 by default).


Kind regards,