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IMOD surface area meshing

Dhanush Kumar Busarapu, modified 2 Years ago.

IMOD surface area meshing

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 7/2/18 Recent Posts

I am currently mapping out postsynaptic densities on IMOD, and I want to keep it two dimensional. When I use "open contours" to draw the shape and mesh it, some objects fail to mesh and nothing is present. However when I check the contours, the lines are still present. How can I draw an object which strictly allows me to mesh a flat, paper like, shape so I can see it and calculate the proper surface area of the density?

Frans Roelofsen, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: IMOD surface area meshing

Padawan Posts: 99 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts

Hi Dhanush,

Your question popped up in my mailbox.

Reading about your 'mapping of postsynaptic densities' I wondered if your question is posted in the right forum.

'Our' iMOD is about modelling groundwater. Reading your question it might be connected to the other iMOD software onĀ image processing ( http://bio3d.colorado.edu/imod/)

Kind regards, Frans