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RE: Simulation problem- DRN file

Cinthya Gomez, modified 8 Days ago.

Simulation problem- DRN file

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 4/26/12 Recent Posts
Hi, I'm trying to update a current iMOD model with new data from DRN and RIV packages. But I have been having some problems running the model. My original model had DRN and RIV information from literature. Now I have validate the information and I want it to run with the new data. I have create a ASC file from the Shape file, and latter added to the iMOD and create a IDF. The only difference between the DRN original and the DRN update is the cell size. In the new run file, I only change the name of the file  DRN but the simulation only generate  the mf2005_tmp file. If I look at the iMOD LIST file it seems that the run stopted at the DRN update file. However, I cannot find where is the error.
It seems that the new ASC is ok, when I open it with the iMOD Manager. I cannot upload the files of the run and model, since they are above the file size allowed in the forum. Where do i have to check to see where is the problem.
Thank you, 
Cinthya from Costa Rica.
Peter Vermeulen, modified 8 Days ago.

RE: Simulation problem- DRN file

Jedi Knight Posts: 130 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
Hi Cinthya,Could you send me your runfile. It could be that the extent of your new IDF file is too small. Any IDF need to be at least as large as the simulation window.Regards,Peter Vermeulen
Frans Roelofsen, modified 8 Days ago.

RE: Simulation problem- DRN file

Padawan Posts: 85 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
Dear Cinthya,Thank you for your Post with your question about the DRN file. 
Peter started answering your Post. I am sure your issue will be solved. In my role as moderator I like to move your post/Tread to another category in the forum. 
It will be the category Home --> iMODFLOW --> User questions
We hope that these different categories help the community to find answers to their questions too. Kind regards, Frans Roelofsen
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Frans Roelofsen, modified 8 Days ago.

the thread is moved

Padawan Posts: 85 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
the thread is moved