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Unable to add Background Image

Pepijn van Elderen, modified 1 Year ago.

Unable to add Background Image

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 11/8/16 Recent Posts
I am fairly new to the program, so this might be a simple error. Every time I try to add a background image to my iMOD project via the view menu, I get the error saying the file I want to upload is missing. I have tried both PNG and JPG files, both gave the same error. I cannot get my head around this, since the 'Island.PNG' image from the tutorial folder worked when I first started the program and is still working when I try adding that image now. Also, when I place or copy my own image to the tutorial folder, the error remains the same. What is wrong with my own images which leads to iMOD refusing to read and add them?
For the full picture: I use iMOD version 4.4 in Windows 10. The images I want to use are now in PNG and JPG formats. I have changed nothing in the IMOD_INIT.prf file after installing.
Peter Vermeulen, modified 12 Months ago.

RE: Unable to add Background Image

Jedi Knight Posts: 135 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
Hi Pepijn,
Thats ackward, could it be that the location of your PNG or JPG containes empty spaces? If so, it might help to put the file in a folder without those spaces. If that won't help, your PNG or JPG might be corrupt? You may send me the file so I can have a look.Cheers,Peter Vermeulen