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RE: 3D tool with voxel model

Ylva Veldhuis, modified 5 Months ago.

3D tool with voxel model

Youngling Posts: 5 Join Date: 11/12/19 Recent Posts
I have created a voxel model of the lithology of my study area. I want to show the lithology on a certain transect with the clipplanes tool in the 3D model.
When I use the clipplanes the 3D tool shows the interface between the layers en you can look through them (I hope I explain it OK), but this is not the way I want it to look like. I cannot find in the manual how to make the layers look solid when using the clipplanes.I have provided my own image of the 3D tool, and an image from the manual how I want it to look like.
Kind regards,
Ylva Veldhuis
Frans Roelofsen, modified 5 Months ago.

RE: 3D tool with voxel model

Padawan Posts: 99 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
Hi Ylva,
The option you describe is "Capping", a technique of putting a solid colour on the interface of a 3D image that has been clipped away.  Activate it with the check box on the Tab "Clipplanes".  Read about it in the iMOD5.0 manual on page 325.
Capping is working great for a geological model with IDF's describing the top and bottom of the layers.  Capping is however a complicated technique for the Voxel format in the 3D tool. At the moment the coloring of the interface in 3D is not correct. 
There is a work-around: use a Fence Diagram in combination with a Clipplane while a Fence Diagram (calculated once and static) creates a correct interface for Voxels.
Go to the Tab "Fence Diagram" en draw your own Fence Diagram at the line where you want the Clipplane to clip.  In the same Tab, deselect the check box "Effected by Clipping". Now go to the tab Clipplane and move your Clipplane just after the Fence Diagram. See my example below.
Hope this will help you a little bit.
Kind regards,