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RE: Tutorial - Quick Guide

Kristina Gumgowski, modified 2 Months ago.

Tutorial - Quick Guide

Youngling Posts: 12 Join Date: 3/18/21 Recent Posts
Hi everyone,
I am starting of with iMOD and I am using the tutorials to get used to the software. Already in the first section (Quick Guide) iMOD throws a very vague error when I try to start the simulation. "An error occured starting yout simulation" . There is no indication if this is related to the files or maybe path settings - idk. I am reallyl clueless. I already did the step of the tutorial four times on different days.. Maye someone had this issue before?

Thanks, Kristina
Frans Roelofsen, modified 2 Months ago.

RE: Tutorial - Quick Guide

Jedi Knight Posts: 116 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
Hi Kristina,
That must be really annoying for you, to start with software and from the start having an unclear errors. But thank you that you took the opportunity to share your experience. Now we can fix it.
I'm a member of the iMOD development team. Our procedure is that for each iMOD release we ask testers to run through all the Tutorials. This test process has improved iMOD over the years. You found an issue that we did not spot yet or did not check in the code. So I hope together we can find it and fix it. Both for you and future iMOD users.In stead of communication via the iMOD forum, I prefer to organize a video call together where you share your screen while running the Quick Guide. --> please send me an e-mail on frans.roelofsen@deltares.nl and I will organize a meeting. Kind regards, Frans Roelofsen
Frans Roelofsen, modified 2 Months ago.

RE: Tutorial - Quick Guide

Jedi Knight Posts: 116 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts
Hi Kristina, We had a video call this morning. Thanks again for sharing your issue. We can close this forum issue with the next general conclusion for the other forum users: 
We could reproduce your error message and found the reason that causes the issue. The fix is available in the new iMOD release later this year. But for now, there is a work around: just replace some of the model input files in the Tutorial folder.You find the description + the link to the files on the page Known Issues in the section iMOD TUTORIALS.  https://oss.deltares.nl/web/imod/known-issues
Kind regards,