iMOD at the Ground Water congress in Bochum

Germany, March 2018

With over 500 visitors, this national congress is a unique opportunity to share the work of Deltares on groundwater issues and to promote iMOD. With Bernhard Becker, Deltares has the perfect delegation leader who also chaired the session “Umgang mit hohen Grundwasserständen”. 
In a session by the National Geological Survey Klaas Stoepker explained the audience why his organization decided to use iMOD and cooperate with Deltares. Frans Roelofsen (Deltares) presented the detailed study carried out with iMOD on the various effects caused by a shutdown of the large urban groundwater abstraction in the city center of Delft. Together with a key note lecture by colleague Frans van de Ven, Deltares and its research was prominently highlighted at the congress.

In the iMOD/Deltares booth we organized individual demonstrations of iMOD and met many interested participants.




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