iMOD workshop at the Aachen University Germany, November 2017

Deltares was invited for an Open-Source-Software workshop by "Das Junge Forum im BWK - die Umweltingenieure" http://( .

On Friday 17 November a group of 22 participants joint the workshop on Delft3D Flexible Mesh and iMOD, both part of the Deltares open source software community.
In the afternoon Frans Roelofsen, hydrogeologist and iMOD trainer at Deltares, gave the iMOD workshop. Both German and English where the working languages.

All participants installed the latest version of iMOD on there laptop. A tutorial helped them to experiment viewing of geological data in cross sections, viewing time series, creating topography and running a groundwater model.
Some even had time left to create and analyse Pathlines.

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