New release iMOD 3.4 available!

We are happy to annouce a new release iMOD 3.4 is now are available. 

The main reason for this new release is the new GeoConnect Tool functionality: 

  • In many cases groundwater model layer parameters are based on assembled (e.g. summed) detailed geological aquifer- and aquitard-properties (elevation, thickness, geometry (extent), hydraulic conductivity, etc.); the GeoConnect Tool will allow the modeller to define and utilize permanent links between 1) the (unassembled) geologic layers (incl. it's properties) and 2) the aggregated model layers.  The GeoConnect Tool will allow to re-calculate the hydraulic conductivities of a model layer after adapting the individual weights of each contributing geological layer. 

For more info on what's new, please have a look in the release notes of the iMOD User Manual.


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