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3D Tool Error Message

Gerry Baker, modified 1 Month ago.

3D Tool Error Message

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Hi there, I have 3 IDF files, one with surface elevation, one at 0m and one at -100m. I've selected the three and they display as expected in the cross section tool but when I launch the 3D tool I get a message which says: "imod3d_setnormalvector_begin". 

Frans Roelofsen, modified 1 Month ago.

RE: 3D Tool Error Message

Padawan Posts: 72 Join Date: 11/11/13 Recent Posts

Hi Gerry,

Nice to hear from you, we enjoyed meeting you in Delft.

About your issue: we are aware that on some machines this message pops up. For the iMOD International User Day we therefore compiled a new version*. Can you try if this one will work on your machine?  The expiring date of this version is 30 November. The release of iMOD 4.3 is scheduled to be published within 2 weeks.

Kind regards,


*Link to download iMOD: