iMOD Developments

  • MetaSWAP (unsaturated zone) 

version iMOD5.2

  • iMOD GUI
    • 3D Viewer.
      In some cases, the lowest element of a loaded geological model or the lowest part of a bore log is missing in the display.
  • iMOD-WQ
    • In a situation in which the code is used for density-dependent flow without transport (the BTN package is not used), the time step length is always kept constant to that of the first stress period. This will be corrected in the next version

    • No space in root names and model names
      Since iMOD5.2, iMOD-WQ can handle spaces in root names and model names. However, using iMOD GUI for creating the iMOD-WQ model files, quotes are missing in the file names referenced to in the FTL file. For that reason we advice to install iMOD in a folder without a space, e.g. "c:\iMOD\version5.2". A model name cannot have a space and must contain at least one character; so no values only allowed for model name. 

    • For other Known Issues on iMOD-WQ check chapter 13.4 in the iMOD5.2 manual or click here for the online version.