Known issues iMOD Suite

Known issues iMOD Suite

The Known Issues for the iMOD Suite components (QGIS plugin, 3D viewer and iMOD-python) will be soon available on the special iMOD Suite page on GitHub

Known issues iMOD 5.3 / 5.4

Known issues iMOD 5.3 / 5.4

(the iMOD team considers the release of an intermediate bug fix version) 


    • MetaSWAP
      Error with echo "access violation" in TRANSOIL_COMP.FOR. MetaSWAP is asked to export WOFOST items while the switch is not on. 
      > Workaround. Activate WOFOST in para_sim.inp with indirectdamage_mdl = 1 or switch off all output keys for Indirect Losses
  • iMOD GUI

    • Simulation Manager
      The snap option in the tab Space Dim. can yield model coordinates larger than the dimensions of the input files. This results in an error when running the model.
      A work around is to deselect the snap option or to define interactively a smaller spatial dimension. An even better alternative is to use the iMOD batch option to start a model (see chapter 8.7.5 RUNFILE-Function).
    • iMOD Manager
      When reading *.GEF files, iMOD converts all selected files into a single IPF file with associated text files. In this conversion some columns accidentally get a NODATA value. There is no workaround for this issue. 
    • MetaSWAPInspector.
      The inspector only works on the output format (folder and file names and content) created in case a model run is performed with a RUN file. In case the model is run using the option NAM file or MODFLOW6, the files are not fully readable in the inspector.  

    • IDFTIMESERIES-Function. If points in IPF1 are outside the analyzed IDF, the function writes a NODATA value in the created associated text files. Unfortunately the NODATA value in the header of the file is zero and not set equal to the NODATA value of the IDF. This causes issues in postprocessing of the files (e.g. display in the GUI).  This error occurs only if your IPF1 file contains only points and NO associated text files. 
    • > Workaround. 1) Remove points from file IPF1 that are located outside your IDF to avoid NODATA values in associated files. 2) If NODATA values occurs within a timeseries, the only option is to change the header manually or with a script. 3) You can also consider adding dummy associated files to your IPF1.  
    • IDFTIMESERIES-function. Unwanted IDF files can be included in the timeseries analysis. The results is a line in the associated file with datetime=0. Unwanted IDF files are files that do correspond with the 'search' name given with keyword SOURCEDIR but do not have a datetime string, e.g. HEAD_MEAN.IDF. The actual list of files used in the analysis is given in the TXT file in the temporal folder tmp\<username>_dir_imod.txt.
      > Workaround. Remove the unwanted IDF files from the SOURCEDIR folder before running the iMOD batch function.    
    • IDFTIMESERIES-Function. If IPF1 has an associated file with zero measurements, the associated file with IPF2 contains incorrect values in column 1 (Date) and  2 (Measurements). Column 3 has correct values. 
      > Workaround. Add at lease 1 measurement to the associated file.
    • GEF2IPF-Function. The same remark is valid as given above, in the section iMOD GUI --> iMOD Manager. 

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  • iMOD-WQ

    • In a situation in which the code is used for density-dependent flow without transport (the BTN package is not used), the time step length is always kept constant to that of the first stress period. This will be corrected in the next version

    • Input of well concentrations (CWEL) in the SSM package
      The code derives from the given file extensions in the [SSM] package of the iMOD-WQ runfile whether for the input of the WEL concentrations (CWEL) IDF files or IPF files are used. Currently the code does this by checking the filename for P=1, T=1 and L=1 (e.g. CWEL_P1_T1_L1). However, this fails if there is no such file, i.e. if there are no wells for P=1, T=1 and L=1.    
      > Workaround: use a dummy file for the input for CWEL_P1_T1_L1. In case of IPF input this file can be empty. In case of IDF input, this can be an IDF with only nodata values, or zeros (actually, the chosen values do not matter because since there are no wells for P1_T1_L1, the corresponding concentrations are not used).

    • For other Known Issues on iMOD-WQ check chapter 12.4 in the iMOD5.5 manual.