LOCKFILL is a quick tool developed by Deltares, enabling the assessment of a shipping lock's performance, in terms of levelling times, forces on vessels and flow velocities on the approach harbour bed.

LOCKFILL computes the longitudinal forces on the ship which are caused by translatory waves, momentum variation, skin friction, the filling jet and a water density difference, based on a one-dimensional approach. The program allows the calculation of various filling and emptying systems in the heads of the lock, e.g. openings in the lock gates, pipes through the gates fitted with butterfly valves, lifting gates or short culverts in the lock head walls. Read more.

The software has a graphical user interface allowing easy input manipulation and showing the computation results in graphs and key indicators. Alternatively, the program can be run in command line.

On this portal you can find the program, its manual and relevant documentation.


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Fixed write permission problem

Several users reported problems with running Lockfill after a succesful installation due to not having write permission in the Lockfill installation directory. This was apparently caused by the absence of the work-directory of Lockfill in the installation folder which Lockfill tried to create during runtime. The work direcory is now created during installation.

A new version of the installer is available from the Download page. Just run the installer to update your installation. If you still encounter problems, please let us know via the "Get help" page. 


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