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What is MorphAn?


MorphAn is a free software application for coastal managers, consultancies, contractors, scientists and students. It was primarily developed to assess the dune safety and coastal development of the Dutch Coast. Nowadays, MorphAn has become internationally applicable. The development of the MorphAn application has been commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat to Deltares. 

The latest version of MorphAn is MorphAn 1.10.1, which was released in 2021. Two versions are available, namely a Dutch version and an English version.


What does the MorphAn application do?

MorphAn is an application for the Morphological Analysis of the coast based on cross shore profile measurements and grid measurements.

The user has the possibility to:

  • Analyse coastal bathymetry measurements
  • Assess the safety of a dune coast according to the Dutch Safety Assessment Rules (WBI2017)
  • Make an advanced dune erosion calculation with XBeach1D
  • Perform an analysis of the coastline position in the context of coastline maintenance
  • Perform an analysis of the morphological development of the foreshore bank with the Bank Analysis Tool
  • Generate profile measurements based on raster data

How to get MorphAn?