How to use scripts in MorphAn

The steps on this page show to use the Morphan scripts.

1. Download scripts

The scripts must be downloaded from the Open Earth Tool. These scripts can be found at:

2. Set scripting folder

The locations of the scripts can be adjusted in the settings of the toolbox. To make use of the Libraries the path of this scripting folder must be set to the location of the Morphan folder of the OpenEarthTools.


3. Open a script

When the path to the scripts is set, it is possible to navigate to the example folder and open a script.


4. Execute a script

To run a script the press execute script button (or Script Uitvoeren in dutch). The script will be executed and the output is show in the message window. With the Clean Cache button, the existing variables can be cleared. In this way it is possible to start anew script with a clean memory.


Note that some script require some input or existing model results. If this is the case it is mentioned in the comments of the script. For instance, the CalculateDuros scripts requires the input of the erosion model. Another example it the ExtractTipProfiles scripts which need the results from the Dunesafetymodel.