Welcome to the RiverLab

The RiverLab is set up as a numerical experimental facility to work together on software and models for research related to river behavior and dynamics.  The ambition is to create a community of users, contributors and river managers (extending beyond the research community) that is stimulated to utilise the RiverLab as a communication and discussion platform through this website. Here you can download models and software and discuss about relevant topics in the forum. Feel free to contribute and add your knowledge and experience to help further develop the community.

For large spatial scales and long term morphology we started the RiverLab with a 1D modelling approach (with 2D and 3D parts where needed). Therefore the RiverLab utilizes the Delft3D FM Software Suite that integrates these multi-dimensional approaches in one package. The software is open source, and may be downloaded by everyone to conduct experiments and test new model concepts.

The River Laboratory is a cooperation between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, several universities, knowledge institutes and high-end consultancy firms. Deltares and Rijkswaterstaat took the initiative to establish a Numerical River Laboratory (RiverLab). The Numerical River Laboratory is developed within the context of the Rivers2Morrow research program and connected to the Netherlands Center for River Research (NCR).