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Accessing models

Accessing models


Models within the RiverLab are available according to the OpenEarth philosophy. This means that the models are stored in a Subversion system (repository), and everyone can download, adapt and upload them in such a way that all steps are traceable (and reversible). This is analogue to the way the open source software is maintained and developed.

The OpenEarthTools repository is used for sharing Matlab scripts useful for preprocessing input and postprocessing results. There are compiled Matlab routines that do not need a Matlab license. In this case, apart from checking out the repository, install the Matlab Runtime.

Follow the steps below for checking out a repository.

Checkout a repository

1. Request your username and password 

To join the OpenEarth community request a free username and password by signing up at (link in upper right corner). You only need a valid email address.

2. Install TortoiseSVN on your computer

  1. Download open source Subversion (SVN) client: TortoiseSVN
  2. Install TortoiseSVN to your PC.

3. Checkout the repository

  1. Create a directory on your PC. For instance: <D:\checkouts\RiverLab\>
  2. In any file explorer (Total Commander recommended) right-click and select 'SVN Checkout'
  3. Enter the url of the repository:
    1. RiverLab: <>
    2. OpenEarthTools: <>
  4. Chose: 'fully recursive' and 'HEAD revision' 
  5. Enter your subversion username and password. This is the one you use to login to the RiverLab page.


Update your checkout

You need to update your local checkout of the repository for staying up to date with the latest development. For updating your repository:

  1. Right click on the folder (e.g. <D:\checkouts\RiverLab\>) 
  2. Click on 'SVN Update'

Commit changes to the repository

If you want to add a model or changes to a model:

  1. Right click on the folder (e.g. <D:\checkouts\RiverLab\>) 
  2. Click on 'SVN Commit'


Additional information

On this website a basic tutorial about using the SVN-subversion system can be found.


Adding the OET to the Matlab path. 

For using the OET, you need to add them to the paths of Matlab. To this end, you need to run the function oetsettings.m at the top level of the checkout. I.e., 


where <D:\checkouts\oet> is the path to the checkout of the OET.