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Elv is a research code that can be used for modelling morphodynamic processes on a one-dimensional domain. The main benefit is that the simplicity of the code, written in MatlabĀ®, makes it suitable for fast implementation of ideas and testing of concepts. The code is in an public SVN repository (register to access it). The code is best explained by Chavarrias et al. (2019) (see supplementary material). Contact for questions and for obtaining a dedicated branch.

Getting ELV

  1. Checkout the Matlab OpenEarthTools (OET) (e.g. in a directoy called <OET>)
  2. Start Matlab
  3. Add the OET to the path: run('OET/oetsettings.m')

Elv is in folder <OET\applications\ELV\>. The folder <source> contains the scripts to call the functions. 

Running a simulation

  1. Open file <input_ELV.m>

  2. Edit the file (your simulation input)

  3. Open file <main_run_single.m>

  4. Edit the file (folder to run the simulation, debug mode, etcetera)

  5. Run script <main_run_single.m>

Plotting results

  1. Open file <input_fig_input.m>
  2. Edit the file (plotting parameters)
  3. Open file <main_plot.m>
  4. Run script <main_plot.m>