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Geographical Setup of a Model

Anonymous Anonymous, modified 7 Months ago.

Geographical Setup of a Model

Keen Forecaster Posts: 0 Join Date: 7/30/20 Recent Posts
Hi everyone,
I am wondering how to best get an idea of how a D-Flow FM model is set up geographically. How can I get an overview of how the different branches are connected to one another?
Best regards,
Victor Chavarrias, modified 7 Months ago.

RE: Geographical Setup of a Model

Famous Fortune teller Posts: 48 Join Date: 4/24/20 Recent Posts
Hi Michelle, 

I have just created a function for you to have an overview of the network. It plots the geometry, node names, and branches names. I have also created a minimal script input that you will find here:

Things like cross-sections could be added to the plot. If you intend to do that, I already made a function for loading the cross-sectional information. For historical reasons it is called <S3_read_crosssectiondefinitions> but it also reads FM format. 
Remember that you are using a straight domain. To plot it nicely, used the curved domain. Let me know if something does not work.