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modelling concepts in ELV

Hermjan Barneveld, modified 5 Days ago.

modelling concepts in ELV

Keen Forecaster Posts: 8 Join Date: 6/24/20 Recent Posts
Running a simple simulation with quasi-steady model approach (input.mdv.flowtype=2) : constant discharge upstream, constant water level downstream, still doesn't work. It gives following Warning: the power of the excess shield should be the same in the sediment transport relation than in the entrainement formulation. Otherwise tt may create a discontinuity in Dk because it is 0 when Qbk_st is 0 but it may cancel with the term in Ek_st 
And ends with ¡¡ ERROR !! 
Supposedly you do not end up here in bed_level_update, at line 137 
Same simulation with input.mdv.flowtype=4 (onlu change in input) does start, although it gives the same warning. Any idea/tip?
Victor Chavarrias, modified 3 Days ago.

RE: modelling concepts in ELV

Humble Psychic Posts: 22 Join Date: 4/24/20 Recent Posts

There was a bug that I have just solved. The Exner equation is solved differentely for unsteady flow than for steady flow. This is because in the case of unsteady flow, flow can change direction, while it cannot if it is steady. The quasi-steady case was not dealt with.