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SOBEK-RE Mixed size sediment

Claudia Ylla Arbos, modified 6 Months ago.

SOBEK-RE Mixed size sediment

Keen Forecaster Posts: 2 Join Date: 9/10/20 Recent Posts
I am trying to model a simple case in SOBEK-RE, and I can't make it run with mixed-size sediment (unisize works well). I have reduced the case to a 1km-long reach, rectangular cross-section (10m), slope 0.001, constant Q=10m3/s, and 2 very similar sediment fractions with equal probabilities. The grid is now 10m, and dt = 1h. But whatever I change (boundary or initial conditions, sediment composition, numerical parameters...), I always get the same error message, at the same locations and with the same values : 040033  Water level < bottom  at b1     500.00  (   0.008     0.500 )
040033  Water level < bottom  at b1     510.00  (   0.007     0.490 )
...I can't find what I have forgotten/input incorrectly in the graded sediment file. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks!Claudia
Victor Chavarrias, modified 6 Months ago.

RE: SOBEK-RE Mixed size sediment

Famous Fortune teller Posts: 48 Join Date: 4/24/20 Recent Posts
That is strange... It runs in my computer! Did you light a candel to Sobek before running? Otherwise you should expect bad karma...

Here you can find your case running after lighting a candle:
Check that indeed it is the same. Create a new case, copy my input, and try again (after lighting a candle).