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Domain decomposition

Mahmoud Abdelbaky, modified 4 Months ago.

Domain decomposition

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DD Boundary simulation!I want to simulate a bend by a Delft 3D model in the 3D state with 20 layers and I have to simulate a submerged structure on the inner bend. I'm intending to use DD Boundary ( having the area of interest very very refined and the other domains are course ) but in a reasonable way. At first, I was thinking of having the area of interest only in the 3D state and the rest of the model to be in 2DH. But I am afraid that the full circulations from the bend will not be simulated accurately. Also, I was thinking of having all the domains with the same number of layers but I have realized that it will be time-consuming. So I was asking if it is possible to have the area of interest only with 20 layers and the other domains with 4 or 5 layers only in order to simulate the 3D circulations and accurately ( like having the bend circulations continuous but with different number of layers for the domains)
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RE: Domain decomposition

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Yes, you can refine in both horizontal and vertical using domain decomposition (DD). Nevertheless, DD is not straithforward in both preprocessing and postprocessing sense. Have you considered using Flexible Mesh (FM)? If the features you want to use are already implemented, using FM it is trivial to refine a grid and postprocessing has no difference due to the local refinement. However, in this case a vertical local refinement is not possible. Check what is best to you.