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Tjebbe Janson (2022)

Tjebbe Janson (2022)

Ice in the Rhine-Meuse, Rijkswaterstaat WNZ



For my thesis at Rijkswaterstaat WNZ I am researching the effects of an ice cover in the Rhine-Meuse estuary using a 1D model. In the current models used at Rijkswaterstaat for water level predictions (Sobek 3) ice modelling is not possible, that is why I have been exploring the possibilities of using an ice module designed for Delft3D FM. To use this ice module the 1D model of the Rhine-Meuse estuary needs to be converted to Delft3D. A set of routines are available to such end. After this conversion some manual adjustments are needed to, for instance, prevent double crosssections and unsupported structures/boundaries. For my thesis I wrote a paper about these manual adjustements and how I resolved them. 

The ice module can now be used in the converted 1D model. This requires additional input (ice thickness and fraction of ice). However, the ice module implementation is not completely finished yet, as the ice does not have a separate friction value, so for my thesis I calculated a composite friction value containing the ice and bed level friction. 

The image shows the water level from Werkendam to Vuren on the Boven-Merwede, the blue line shows the water level without any ice, the red line shows the water level with ice simulated.