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What is the RiverLab?

What is the RiverLab?

The RiverLab is set up as the numerical experimental facility to work together on software and models for research related to river behavior and dynamics.  It is not just a model development platform – It’s a community! The ambition is to create a community of users, contributors and river managers (extending beyond the research community) that is stimulated to use the RiverLab as a communication and discussion platform through this website. Here you can download models and software and discuss about relevant topics in the forum. Feel free to contribute and add your knowledge and experience to help further develop the community.

The basic ideas behind the RiverLab are:

  • Dare-to-share your numerical models and code: enhance each other's knowledge and experience
  • Discuss your results and issues on the RiverLab forum
  • Meet your peers in sessions with the community:
  • Hackathons, 'Bring-Your-Own-Model' sessions, etc.
  • Use the latest modelling tools in Delft3D FM Software Suite



This website presents a web-based infrastructure around the RiverLab to stimulate and enhance knowledge and understanding of (low land) river systems. The RiverLab community models are open access (publicly available) and the modeling software (D-Flow FM) is open source. The web-based infrastructure will support active use and development by third parties.

Third parties are allowed to download and adapt the RiverLab models for own use. Preferably, new versions of the models are uploaded upon availability to this website for use by other parties. Third parties may develop a version of the model for own purposes. Once such a version is made available to another party, it should be made publicly available (for instance at this website). We aim to further develop a base version of the RiverLab models in the trunk. Branches (for example, subdomains, other applications, other systems, dedicated functionality) may develop depending on project opportunities.

The data, models and software provided on this website are preliminary and are subject to revision. They are being provided to meet the need for timely best science. The data, models and software are provided on the condition that neither Rijkswaterstaat or Deltares may be held liable for any damages resulting from the authorized or unauthorized use it. You are entitled to run, amend, copy and distribute the RiverLab models under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You are very welcome to download and use the RiverLab models and software for your work and we hope that you would like to contribute to the development, knowledge and models in this community.